UAV Jobs: Careers in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (“Drone”) Industry

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You’ll find useful information on getting a career or job in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/UAV/Drone Industry, as well as job listings, company profiles and advice!

What Are The Merits of Getting a Job in UAV/Drone Industry?

With the unmanned aerial vehicle industry growth, over 70,000 drone related jobs for aerospace engineers, UAV pilots, airline mechanics, aircraft pilots, drone engineers, and other positions have opened.

Specialists in these areas will have more chances of getting a job in the UAV industry, as plenty of companies, producing both civil and military UAVs are in need of them.

Types of UAV Job

Popular careers include UAV Operators & Pilots, UAV Mechanics, UAV Maintenance jobs and others. Because this is a relatively new industry, expect the types of careers available to broaden.

UAV Salaries & Career Benefits

Not only the number of workplaces has increased along with the development of this industry, but these job positions are commonly highly paid. For example, a drone pilot can make an average salary of $100.000 per year, given that he or she is willing to work overseas as well. Of course, there are more factors determining the range of their salary. Experience level and the company a drone pilot will work for can significantly affect the salary.

Being a UAV pilot means that you might be eligible to receive health insurance, life insurance, and disability benefits. If you are wondering how to be able to fly a drone, a training certificate obtained by a 50-hour class is required. At first, as a beginner UAV pilot, expect to be paid less and work undesirable hours. However, as you advance in your career, you will soon discover that the experience in this industry is the key to success.

UAV & Drone Engineering Jobs

Aerospace engineers are another great example of a well paid job in UAV industry. With a Bachelor’s Degree in aerospace engineering, one is expected to have an average starting salary of  $69,000 in 2011. As always, more experience means bigger salary and have in mind that the aerospace engineers make the highest salaries in all of the engineering, whereas the highest-paid 10 percent of them make $147,810 per year.

UAV Job Growth 2010-2020

It is expected, that between 2010 and 2020, jobs for aerospace engineers will grown for an average of 5 percent and that there will be about 4,000 new jobs available in 2020. Moreover, the UAV / Drone industry is in need of airline mechanics – experts whose median salary was $54,590 in 2011.

Highest payed airline mechanics are the ones working for couriers and express delivery services, with an average salary of $76,440 per year. Their salary will, however, depend mostly on the states in which they are working in, whereas Tennessee was the highest-paying state for the airline mechanics, who could make $66,470 per year. Connecticut, Alaska, and Kentucky are some of the states with the highest rates for airline mechanics as well.

The UAV Industry is taking off..!

All in all UAV/Drone industry is developing at a rapid rate and some job positions will be paid less than others. Some of the dominant drone companies in 2014/2015 include: The Boeing Company, General Atomics, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop Grumman, AeroVironment, Inc., and more. Nevertheless, even the lowest paid positions offer above average salaries wherein maintenance specialists have an average salary of $59,500 – 67,500.

Consultants are the highest paid professionals (70,500-145,500), followed by systems engineers ($72,350-$127,000), UAS pilots ($85,000-$115,000), instructors ($74,500-$93,000), payload operators ($74,500-$93,000), imagery analysts ($57,350-$84,600), and manufacturers ($45,700-$67,890).

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